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Pheromone Cologne
  • Attract Your Dream Girl

  • Soothing & Addictive Scent

  • Improve Confidence

Attract Your Dream Girl Instantly

LureHer cologne improves confidence & uses soothing pheromone scents to naturally entice new relationships.

Soothing, Long Lasting, & Addicting

No chemicals, flashy, or overly powered scents. 

The LureHer cologne is the perfect balance of scent, designed to escalate long conversations and spicy interactions.

Build Chemistry & Take It Further

10 long lasting hours of soothing, addictive & hypnotizing phermone scents designed to build upon relationships and attract multiple types of women.

✔ only a small spray needed to work your magic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Expect?

LureHer smells amazing!

You may get some compliments here and there, but what makes it different than other perfumes is the pheromones formula designed to grab attention subconsciously.

When Should I Wear The Cologne?

Pheromone Cologne isn't just for a occasion, its a lifestyle. 

Apply once during day and once at night for the ultimate effect!

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